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Top 3 Portland Wedding Photography Locations

Are you looking for awesome Portland wedding photography locations for your wedding and pre-wedding photoshoots? If yes, then we‘ve got you. Portland’s natural beauty and setting make it great for pictures.

But because of the available options, intending newlyweds often get overwhelmed with making a choice. This is not surprising seeing as the city has abundant scenic locations that make it great for all wedding-related photography.

As your favorite wedding photographer in Portland, Elissa Deline knows all the best spots for great photography in Portland Oregon. So, whether you’re looking for a picturesque outdoor Portland wedding photography location or an elegant indoor venue, there are lots of options.

Let’s help you make the most of your special day, and distill the memories in such beautiful imagery that you can look back on with fond memories, years after the wedding.

The Rooftop at the Exchange Ballroom

If you’re looking to get that PDX vibe into your pictures, this the rooftop at The Exchange Ballroom is where you want to be. This Portland wedding location offers stunning views of downtown Portland, thus making it easy to put it in the background when we take you’re your shots.

Even better, the location is a top choice for wedding venues. So, you can have your wedding event here, while you let us do our thing as Portland photographers. The photos shot from these locations are often so beautiful that people wonder if it’s just a background.

The best time to take pictures here is at sunset. Our productions of pictures this place often amazes us. The beauty and view are so breathtaking. However, if you can’t wait till evening, we can still take great photos of you at any time of the day.

And when we’re done at the rooftop, we can also take some great pictures of you in the ballroom itself. There are quite a few gorgeous spots filled with natural lighting that are good for pictures.

The Portland Art Museum

This is the best Portland wedding photograph location for art lovers and connoisseurs. You won’t find a better location if you want some great art and history in your wedding photos.

And because it’s right in the heart of Portland, it’s a great location for a wedding venue too.  The architecture makes for amazing backdrops that look incredible in pictures.

If you prefer the outdoors, the sculpted garden will do just fine. The natural beauty and ambiance make for an amazing Portland outdoor wedding photography session.

Also, there’s ample room enough to get creative shots, and even include your wedding guests. With arts and sculptures literally surrounding you, it’s almost impossible to have a bad picture.

Wherever you turn and whatever pose you assume, every photo will contain excellent artistic expressions. This is great for variation in your photos in one location. 


Real Portlanders love the idea of incorporating the city at their weddings. Castaway offers these elements and some of the quirkiness that Portland and its people are known for.

If you want the city’s views in your wedding photograph, huge ballrooms that take 200 people and outdoor gardens, Castaway offers you all of these options. With this Portland wedding photography location, you can easily have 3-5 different photo sessions, making it look like you actually took the photos in different locations.

This is an amazing place for couples who want an unusual setting for their wedding photos.

Love these ideas or want more excellent wedding photography location suggestions, come talk to Elissa at https://www.elissadelinephotography.com/ today. We’ve got a ton of options that you’ll love for your big day. 

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